• What is a Work Leader - Work Leaders are those who, day in and day out, lead the people whose work produces results. These Work Leaders probably represent more than 95% of all leaders in the workplace. They are the leaders directly responsible for leading the people who are doing the work, hence the term "Work Leader".
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  • You're in Charge...What Now? - This book represents a body of knowledge and insight that reflects a major part of Deltennium's Leadership initiatives for Work Leaders. Click here for more

  • Work Leader Coaching - Deltennium coaches provide an ongoing partnership designed to help our clients produce fulfilling results in their personal and professional lives. We help people improve their performances and enhance the quality of their lives through a higher level of performance, learning and satisfaction. Click here for more

  • Work Leader Newsletter - It is the goal of this publication to provide you with practical tips and real-world advice that will help you to become a better Work Leader. The Work Leader Newsletter will also serve as your forum for connecting with others who day-in-and-day-out do the same things you do. Click here for more

  • Deltennium Leaders Club - If you see your job as critical to the organization as we believe you should, you can not afford to avoid this exclusive membership club experience. This is the easiest way to have the full range of resources of the Deltennium Group available to you. Our mission is to help you be a great leader and the Leaders Club is designed to make that easy. Click here for more

  • Seminars & Keynotes - Although we have provided a sampling of topics and concepts that we believe are essential to helping your associates become great leaders, we have no "canned" materials. All presentations and seminars are specifically designed to respond to client needs and expectations. Click here for more