Work Leaders are those who, day in and day out, lead the people whose work produces results. These Work Leaders probably represent more than 95 percent of all leaders in the workplace. They are the leaders directly responsible for leading the people who are doing the work, hence the term "Work Leader".

Work Leaders are those in organizations who are responsible, day-in and day-out, for getting results from the individuals who are doing the work

  • Work Leaders are key to getting the work of the enterprise accomplished
  • Work Leaders administer processes, but must lead the people to be successful
  • Work Leaders are helped more by learning how to lead, rather than by learning what leaders are

There are Work Leaders throughout the workplace. Examples of this crucial role might be someone who:

  • Is a lead detective on a team investigating a homicide
  • Leads a team of colleagues on a strategy consulting engagement for a Fortune 500 company.  
  • Oversees a section of clerks who are responsible for processing accounts receivable payments
  • Leads a team of doctors treating patients in an emergency room  
  • Manages a production line in the local automobile plant assembling one hundred units a day
  • Owns and manages a lawn-care service that has a crew of seven
  • Manages an information technology project with ten analysts
  • Manages a retail store with nine sales clerks who need to sell a total of $250,000 each month if the store is to make money
  • Heads a product management team for a Fortune 100 company with a staff of five assistants
  • Leads a sales team of three people that needs ten closes a week to make the month's sales goals
  • Leads a team of engineers in a Fortune 50 company working on the development of a component for a new-generation aircraft
  • Runs a not-for-profit organization that has a budget of $1,000,000 and employs five people delivering services to the local community
  • Owns, manages, and styles hair in a salon with $200,000 a year in revenue
  • Supervises a team of accountants who audit a number of public companies

Each of these roles defines an activity that is often referred to as managing or supervising. All managers must be focused on results, and results are accomplished by the people in the organization who do the work. For this reason, the primary skill required to achieve Peak Performance results is the ability to energize the individuals and the team to achieve the goals of the unit. That means you must lead your associates doing the work.

It is impossible for a successful manager, in the long run, to be a bad leader. People will not continue to achieve for an ineffective leader. For this reason, the practice of leadership is as important at the first level of management as it is at the highest-indeed, maybe even more so.

A work leader gets the work done, day in and day out and success is achieved by focusing on what great Work Leaders do, not who they are. Our focus is entirely on helping leaders do what will make them and their organization successful.

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