Deltennium's Problem Resolutions Group was created in order to facilitate the resolution of problem situations in a broad range of businesses. Its mission is to facilitate change in organizations, including operating businesses, educational organizations, charitable organizations, and startup situations.

Deltennium's principals and advisors are accomplished professionals from a variety of disciplines who have a broad range of experience within those disciplines and have achieved senior-level status within their organizations. The Problem Resolution Group's efforts are focused on turnaround situations of troubled or failed enterprises and its services run the gamut of traditional management consulting (passive), empowered advisor or board member (active), or even line management intervention (highly active).

Whatever the specific circumstances of the case, Deltennium's Problem Resolutions Group is committed to resolving troubled situations in the most cost-effective manner possible. Deltennium's Problem Resolutions Group is comprised of individuals with primarily senior line operating management or finance experience in a variety of businesses, including financial services, retail, health care, and technology. As a result, the Problem Resolutions Group's efforts tend to focus on bringing line management perspectives and skills to the client company.

The Deltennium Group is a virtual organization, comprised of senior professionals who have, through a broad range of corporate assignments, developed extensive general management, financial managerial, and critical functional skills. When The Deltennium Group is asked to approach a troubled management situation, it has Managing Associates and Consulting Principals with a broad range of disciplines that can be brought to the assignment in a variety of capacities.

The Chairman and Senior Managing Associate and a core group of Managing Associates are the professionals who develop and coordinate the business activities for the Group. Although each Managing Associate, at any moment in time, is potentially occupied with an assignment, one or more members of the core Managing Associate staff, lead by the Chairman, will always be involved in the initial phase of assignments to which the Group commits. Since at any given time, a number of the Consulting Principals are occupied with assignments that may be separate from The Deltennium Group's activities, it has developed a broad spectrum of individuals who can be called upon to bring their unique skills to the assignment.

The Deltennium Group often begins an assignment by virtue of its core expertise in a specific business market or type of business. On occasion assignments come from the involvement by one of its members in either a consulting, advisory board membership or as a duly elected member of a fiduciary board capacity. Whatever the initial involvement, the Deltennium Group will ultimately engage in a turnaround activity on the basis of need, rather than a fixed formula.

Should the enterprise require full time management commitment, then The Deltennium Group will develop a team capable of taking on that assignment. Frequently, Gerald M. Czarnecki, a veteran turnaround executive, will lead the team, with one or more others entering the situation as required. It is never the intent of the members to become the permanent management team, although at times the team has had extended periods of engagement in order to stabilize an enterprise. In the event that The Deltennium Group members believe that the client company has a meaningful strategic business future, then The Deltennium Group will focus heavily on the recruiting of a permanent team.

Once the Board, creditors, or shareholders of a troubled company conclude that the company requires the services of a turnaround group of executives, then freedom and authority to act is essential, since conditions have probably deteriorated to the level of crisis. In that climate, aggressive and decisive problem resolution is essential. These assignments typically place The Deltennium Group executives into the role of CEO, CFO or COO , hence they would also require the ability to take managerial responsibility and control of the company. In spite of that need, The Deltennium Group will work in a very focused and committed way to assure a smooth transition and an even smoother crisis management turnaround.

In the event that the management support required is short term and limited in scope, then The Deltennium Group will structure its engagement in a manner similar to consulting assignment. At other times the Deltennium Group has either made investments in the enterprise or has taken substantial components of its compensation in the form of equity ownership.

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