Welcome to Deltennium’s consulting services gateway, the heart and soul of this site and of our business mission

Our business management consultancy focuses on promoting effective work leadership, strategy, organization and sound financial management.

Our unique approach combines consulting with operational management support and, when we believe it helpful, an investment in client companies.

Your implementation of change that improves shareholder value is always our first priority.

We use powerful, proprietary diagnostic tools, disciplined analytics, training and development seminars, coaching and continuing support to assure success.

Our efforts are focused on a variety of leaders at a broad range of organizational levels:

  • Boards of Directors working to achieve superior Corporate Governance and results

  • Executive and operating management to create a culture of sustained organizational commitment and peak performance

  • Middle and first level (Work Leader) management to help individual units achieve superior results

All of our associates are committed to your success, and stand ready to evaluate your challenges and opportunities, and to develop a plan that will move your organization to the next level of performance.

Deltennium’s speakers, trainers, coaches and consultants have diverse professional backgrounds and areas of expertise, which makes us confident in our ability to meet your needs. Accordingly, we offer a range of leadership consulting services and programs that can be used to train everyone from first-level sales managers to top-level boards of directors. The goal is success, and whether it’s the aid of a book, seminar, coach or consultant that you need to achieve it, you’ll find that Deltennium can help.

Please take some time to learn about who we are and what we do through the topics, bios and videos that we offer on our website. We hope that you will conclude that we are unique and that we can help your organization achieve a new level of excellence. We encourage you to contact us and allow us the opportunity to evaluate, at our expense, if our efforts could transform your organization as we have helped so many others.

The following are some of the industries in which we have professional experience and expertise:

Financial services - insurance, banking, etc
Trade associations
Non- profits
Educational institutions
Retail organizations
Membership owned organizations
Professional Services organizations
Chambers of Commerce, co-ops, trade associations, professional organizations