Gerald M. Czarnecki


Our speaker today is Gerry Czarnecki, who has had a full career as a highly successful change agent in a broad range of organizations. After going from failed student to graduate student (we can let him explain that one); machinist to shop foreman; Army private to Army Captain; he finally started his change agent career in business as a banker which took him from Analyst to Supervisor to Manager to General Manager to Vice President to CAO , CIO, CFO, COO and eventually to CEO. Wow, how many of these "C" jobs are there?

After a long career in banking, he made another job change when Lou Gerstner asked him to help in the turnaround at IBM where Gerry became the Senior Vice President of Human Resources and Administration and Chief of Staff. Another "C" job!

After that stint at IBM where he was responsible for facilitating the termination (nice word for firing) of over 60,000 employees, he moved on to run an Aviation Company, even though he tells me he knew virtually nothing about airplanes. Like every other job he had, Gerry was thrown into a company that was losing money and challenged to make it a company that worked and made money. During those change agent years, most of the press reports and much of the internal corporate mythology reflected his reputation of being tough, maybe even ruthless, in his pursuit of results.

Nine companies and over 20 homes later, Gerry finally found a job he could keep.In 1995 he formed his own company which he named "The Deltennium Group." I'll let him try to explain that name. Now he is an investor, business operator, franchisee, corporate board member, university faculty member, university trustee, author, consultant, facilitator, coach, seminar leader, professional speaker, and who knows what else he will add tomorrow, but importantly...he tells me that now nobody can fire him and any mess he cleans up is his own and now he can talk about what he says is the "real Gerry management philosophy."