Our Commitments To You - What You Can Expect Of Me.

I. Prior to the program :

  • Be available to 'fully' discuss your goals for my program.
  • Learn more about your organization and the people who will be in attendance. Be well prepared to deliver solid value to your people.
  • Know your meeting theme, and ensure my presentation relates, reinforces and builds on that theme.
  • Investigate why your people would be interested in my ideas at work. Tailor my comments to maximize the value I bring to your people.
  • Work together with speakers' bureau, meeting planner and/or other speakers to ensure your goals are achieved.
  • Deliver biographical and program material, along with B&W photo for inclusion in program brochure or promotional material, in a timely manner.
  • Arrive well in advance of the program and be available for radio phone-in interviews.
  • Work with you to provide advance, teaser material and articles to promote event, if desired
  • Notify you in advance of my itinerary, accommodation needs or other plans.
  • Prepare customized materials and companion workbooks at bulk rates, if desired.

II. While on-site :

  • Notify you when I arrive at the venue, and make myself available for last minute briefing and changes
  • Be accessible to you and your people, while on-site.
  • Time permitting, be available for on-site interviews or media events.
  • Be candid and honest, 100% of the time.
  • Coordinate with set-up staff and fellow presenters, to ensure my staging needs are compatible with overall needs. Make sure I am a team player. Make suggestions to crew, if I see ways to maximize audience impact by more creative use of lighting, sound or staging.
  • Check out the other speakers and your audience to ensure my message is in sync. Tailor my remarks and program, based on this research.
  • Time permitting, be ready and able to fill in at the last minute for a missing MC, speaker or panelist. Quote you in advance for additional add-on programs, or services.
  • Come to meeting room a minimum of one hour prior to my speaking (prefer two hours, if access is available) for a sound and stage check.
  • Be dressed professionally and appropriately for your program.
  • Stay out of the way, being unobtrusive, until it is time for me to speak.
  • Provide a brief easily read introduction for the MC. Be available to coach MC in advance of that introduction.
  • Be in the presentation room, set up and ready to go; visible to you and MC well before my introduction is started.

III. During my program :

  • Walk on stage with energy and a big smile. Open my presentation with a purpose.
  • Never using off-color or vulgar material or language - ever!
  • Employ audience interaction. Work to involve them, through use of questions, participation, eye contact, and applicable group or individual exercises, etc.
  • Present up to date, relevant, and well-researched material.
  • Use humor and stories, where appropriate, to reinforce your theme.
  • Use visual aids, as discussed, where appropriate to reinforce and enhance the look, feel and overall impact of the presentation.
  • Be good natured! React flexibly to problems that crop up, including, audiovisuals, sound, lights, emergencies, etc. Part of being a professional!
  • Be polite and professional with the audience - never being rude!
  • Summarize my points. Work to give your people creative ways to reinforce and remember my key points.
  • Ensure my points reinforce your theme, and assist your organization in reaching its goals.
  • Not abuse my time on stage, as an opportunity to sell or give a pitch. Mention my books or tapes for attribution, if I use something from them in the presentation, as I would for other sources.
  • Work within your time frame. Help you keep on schedule. Adjust to fit your needs.
  • Donate one of my books or products for your use as a prize or give away fundraiser for your group.

IV. After the program :

  • Unless travel time is tight, stay around to answer questions and hear comments. I enjoy making myself available to my audiences.
  • Check out and depart quickly - and with minimal effort from you.
  • Debrief with you and your team on how to make it better next time and how to reinforce our time together.
  • Follow-up on reinforcement strategies, or materials to build on my message. Provide copies of newsletters for audience members, if desired. Offer participants a free e-mail newsletter for at least six months.
  • Ensure receipts for retainer and travel costs are sent in a timely manner.
  • Guarantee not to discuss or disclose any private or sensitive information about you or your organization.

you can expect a highly professional presenter

  • Who delivers an exceptional, high energy, value-added presentation.
  • Who works with you, to set and achieve your worthwhile goals and results.
  • Who keeps his materials and presentation current, relevant, and sharp.
  • Who guarantees his performance in writing.
  • Who values you and your people.
  • Who is dedicated to providing programs that influence behavior