Gerald M. Czarnecki
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Czarnecki is an experienced leader who engages, energizes and excites those who are "In Charge" to produce superior results. His work with the Deltennium Group is now largely focused on working with individuals and organizations to facilitate their success. He works with corporate boards and executive management teams from companies as diverse as Fortune 50 companies to early-stage, start-up investments. His advice and support is supported by the fact that he also is an investor in, and board member of, several public and private companies.

Mr. Czarnecki also speaks and conducts seminars on helping work leaders achieve peak performance. His term "work leaders" refers to those members of organizations who have the responsibility for people who do the work day-in-and-day-out and who, in many cases, are also doing the work of the business unit themselves. He works with first and second line management to "lead people" rather than just administer or manage processes. His most popular seminar, "You're In Charge... What Now?" provides leaders with seven principles for peak performance, all of which tie to the memorable mnemonic " L.E.A.D.E.R.S.". This fast paced seminar provides practical and immediately applicable learning and assures that the participants take that learning to the work place, and use it the first day back. His book, also entitled You're in Charge... What Now?, was published in September 2003.

Mr. Czarnecki has had a diverse leadership career as a "change agent" with "hands-on" experience. Most importantly, he has mentored leaders at every organizational level and in a broad range of business fields, including retail merchandising, manufacturing, financial services, technology, franchising and administrative operations. He has been a General Manager, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Administrative Officer, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Executive Officer. In 1993 Mr. Czarnecki was part of the team recruited by Louis Gerstner to begin the turnaround of IBM Corporation. Serving as an IBM Senior Vice President, Mr. Czarnecki had worldwide responsibility for human resources, real estate services, quality programs, non-manufacturing procurement, aviation and a wide range of other staff functions. Prior to joining IBM , Mr. Czarnecki held a number of executive positions in banking, financial services and aviation.

Mr. Czarnecki holds a B.S. in Economics from Temple University, an M.A. in Economics from Michigan State University, a Doctor of Humane Letters from National University and is a Certified Public Accountant. He is also a member of the board of directors of several National and International not-for-profit organizations.

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