Gerald M. Czarnecki


It is our policy that we will work with Speakers Bureaus if they are the primary and initial contact with a prospect/client. We keep accurate records of our own contacts and will make certain that any prospective engagement that is legitimately due to the efforts of a Speakers Bureau will result in a fee paid to the deserving Bureau. We will not attempt to claim that a presentation has resulted from our efforts as opposed to the Bureau, if our efforts were last expended more than six months prior, unless the decision process by the client for a specific engagement opportunity has extended for that period.

Our policy is that our fees and other requirements will be exactly the same fees that we would charge without a Speakers Bureau.

We also are committed to protecting the relationship that the Bureau has established with the prospective client. We will not attempt to contact or negotiate with the prospect unless the Bureau has full knowledge and approves of such contact. Once the potential for a client relationship is eminent, we will insist that we have direct communications with the client so as to assure ourselves that there is no confusion as to the nature of the engagement and the expected outcomes.