Work Leader Development - We are unique in providing programs and resources that address the challenges facing "work leaders"-- those people who are in a position of authority, but at the same time are working side by side with their staff. Whether you are the owner of a small business and work together with your employees, or you are a team project leader in a large corporation, it is likely that you are struggling with the simultaneous jobs of working and leading. The positive effect of leadership development programs designed for the work leader is evident in each of our clients' success stories. Let the next story be yours!

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Coaching - Deltennium coaches are an additional resource that we provide for companies and individuals aiming to overcome challenges, and excel in leadership. Coaching is very personal in the sense that your "resource" is actually a person; and that person's job is dictated by the specific needs of the individual or group that is being coached. For some of our clients we provide leadership assessment and development coaching, while other clients require crisis management coaching. Many clients have recognized the need for mentoring in corporations and organizations; Deltennium's coaches can work with you to achieve the goals and objectives of mentoring within your organization.

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Board Governance Consulting - Corporate governance and evaluation of compliance is increasingly complicated and time-consuming. The corporate scandals of the last several years have resulted in a close scrutiny of boards of directors, their composition and governance processes. We offer expertise and guidance in all aspects of governance, including the complex provisions mandated by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002. Deltennium provides seminars, in-boardroom sessions and consultations that help boards to properly and effectively achieve a balance between compliance and governance.

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Business Consulting - We recommend an integrated approach to business consulting that addresses the strategy, organization and culture within a client company, as these three elements are critical for effective leadership and success. After an initial investigation and diagnosis, we facilitate action planning and development programs that match the company's goals and objectives. Based on the company's needs, activities may include an assessment of management development strategies, risk management consulting, and corporate management leadership development programs. Click to read more about our varied business consulting services

Turnaround Management - Deltennium's Problem Resolutions Group is comprised of senior-level professionals who are highly accomplished in their respective fields. As advisors focusing on turnaround situations for troubled or failed enterprises, the group is committed to resolving problems in the most cost-effective and timely manner possible. Unfortunately a "turnaround" situation is sometimes difficult enough to be considered a "crisis" situation, and for this reason our advisors also provide crisis management coaching on an as-needed basis.
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Our Managing Associates - Deltennium's Managing Associates are top-notch executives with a broad range of professional expertise. They are your resource and support system for management development activities and strategies.
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