Jean Folwell, Managing Associate of the Deltennium Group. Ms. Folwell has been managing service organizations for over 25 years. Her educational background in management accounting and participatory management has served her well in all facets of her career, from banking to non-profit management and consulting.

Prior to joining Deltennium, Ms. Folwell worked for several non-profit organizations. From June 1992 to December 1995, she was the Chief Financial Officer for Mothers Against Drunk Driving at the national office in Irving, Texas. Ms. Folwell previously served as the Director of Finance and Administration for the Dallas Museum of Art in Dallas, Texas . At the museum she was directly responsible for daily operations, financial management, portfolio management, fund raising, capitol construction and government relations. Prior to those assignments, Ms. Folwell held diverse positions from Controller of a commercial bank to Vice President of Compensation and Benefits. Ms. Folwell holds a BA in Finance and Accounting from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas; she is a Certified Public Accountant and a Certified Management Accountant. She is currently the Treasurer for the Lake Oswego Foundation for the Arts, and is past Co-Chairman of the Lake Oswego Arts Commission.


Lynne Gayle, Managing Associate of The Deltennium Group. Ms. Gayle is a writer and public relations specialist with more than 10 years of experience in journalism, marketing and investor and public relations. Her current role at Deltennium is as Director of Marketing and Public Relations, and she works closely with Mr. Czarnecki in the administration of the Deltennium organization. Her professional expertise is in creating publicity and marketing campaigns with collateral materials that are specifically tailored for a market segment, whether consumer or media-based.

Through a diverse range of work assignments, she has been engaged in industries that include banking, communications, entertainment, health care, hospitality, media, non-profit, publishing, real estate and technology. She is also experienced and knowledgeable in the European journalism and mass media market. Prior to joining Deltennium, she served as a public relations consultant in Germany; and prior to that she worked as director of PR and Investment Evaluation for Washington Capital investment bank in South Florida .

My Gayle earned a BA in English from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and an MA in Journalism from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. She also studied Journalism and Literature in the Master's degree program at the University of Hamburg, Germany.


David Danovitch, Managing Associate of The Deltennium Group. He is a multifaceted executive with success in a broad range of financial, legal, and general managerial disciplines with companies going through change. His diverse work experience couples detailed knowledge of retail merchandising, investment and commercial banking, retail financial services, and technology with assignments as general manager, chief financial officer, or senior-level advisor of companies in troubled, turnaround or crisis situations.

He has extensive international business, transactional, and legal experience, covering a broad range of financial, legal, and general management matters and challenges with companies undergoing change. He has worked with a broad range of domestic and international clients from both the public and private sectors, representing a significant cross section of industries and domiciles.

Mr. Danovitch is a graduate of Kenyon College (A.B. - 1984), of Suffolk University Law School (J. D. - 1987), and Boston University School of Law (LL.M. - Taxation - 1988). He is a member of the District of Columbia, Massachusetts, and New York bars.


Laurie Foster, Managing Associate of the Deltennium Group. Ms. Foster has over 20 years experience in strategic planning, organization alignment and infrastructure development for Fortune 500 companies, large privately-held companies and start-up ventures throughout North America, Europe and Asia .

Ms. Foster was involved in the original development of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award framework and criteria and has been on the Board of Examiners. She utilizes the framework as a fundamental structure for assessing and building organizational infrastructure and has deep and broad understanding of management and organizational best practices throughout the world. Ms. Foster and her consulting teams have assisted clients with core process reengineering, organization restructuring, and the design and implementation of knowledge management systems, human resources strategies, customer management systems, strategic planning processes, and leadership systems.

Ms. Foster also has extensive experience as an entrepreneur, having formed and built three start-up companies as CEO and President. She earned her BA in Economics (with Distinction) from Stanford University and an MBA from Stanford Business School


Steven Ko, Managing Associate of The Deltennium Group. As CFO for a number of companies in different industries, Mr. Ko has served as the key financial advisor to the CEO and division managers on corporate strategy, financial strategy, budgeting and management control and financial management. He has managed all aspects of the financial functions, including treasury operations, financial and SEC reporting, capital markets, and internal audit. Mr. Ko has played a leading role in developing strategic plans that create maximum shareholder value. He has also established financial measurement standards and systems to monitor performance against goals.

Mr. Ko is a seasoned manager of relationships with critical external groups, including shareholders, investors, rating agencies, financial institutions, and regulators. In addition to managing the normal financial affairs and financial reporting for corporations, Mr. Ko has also planned and executed major transactions.

Mr. Ko has served on boards of directors and understands directors' responsibilities, particularly with respect to the quality of financial reporting. A CPA by training, Mr. Ko believes that the CFO serves as the critical link between the strategic/operating focus and the financial requirements.


Doreen Tyburski, Managing Associate of The Deltennium Group. Ms. Tyburski has been managing organizational change for most of her diverse 21-year career in the insurance and financial services industry. Ms. Tyburski's extensive background in operations, human resources, and organizational development has greatly influenced her management style and philosophy. In her latest assignment as the President and CEO of Renaissance Inc., the nation's largest independent trust administrator, Ms. Tyburski led the transformation of the company by streamlining the organizational structure, implementing process improvement initiatives, introducing new products, expanding distribution, and restoring profitability.