Our Commitment to Leadership - We help leaders at every level of an organization to understand and excel in the roles and functions of leadership today. The leadership qualities of good leaders are the same in principle as they were 50 years ago, but the pace and sophistication of the modern workplace present today's leaders with rapidly evolving responsibilities, challenges and opportunities. We work with leaders to develop strategies and to create organizational structure and policies that enable them to lead effectively for peak performance. Click here for more

Our Vision - Our organization's vision can be summarized as "leadership in action." Whether your goal is to develop team leadership skills, or you are in need of a corporate management leadership development program, we will energize, train and support you in putting leadership in action. Click here for more

Our Chairman - Gerry Czarnecki is a seasoned leader who has held positions from the lowest to the highest level of management in a wide variety of industries, endowing him with a wealth of experience and insight to share with others. From leadership assessment and development coaching to risk management consulting and executive mentoring, Gerry helps individuals and organizations achieve success. Click here for more

Our Managing Associates - Deltennium's Managing Associates are top-notch executives with a broad range of professional expertise. They are your resource and support system for management development activities and strategies. Click here for more

You're In Charge...What Now? - Written by Gerry Czarnecki, this book uses the mnemonic LEADERS to present the seven essential steps to succeeding as a leader. If you have recently taken on a leadership role, you are likely to have many questions: What is good leadership? What is my leadership style? Which characteristics of leadership are most important for success? Get Gerry's book and get the answers! Click here for more

Seminars & Keynotes - Deltennium offers leadership development seminars and training for both public and private audiences. The success of You're in Charge...What Now? lead Gerry to create a series of seminars based on the core principles in his book. Other popular choices include "Lead with Love" and "Nature, Nurture, Choice & Chance". For every private engagement, we tailor our material to meet the goals and objectives of the organization and its employees. Click here for more

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