Our Commitment To Leadership

The Deltennium Group is committed to expanding the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors of all Leaders responsible for achieving organizational peak performance. We focus on every level of leadership, from the lowest to the highest levels of an organization. Our professional and consulting services include -

  1. Work Leader Development
  2. Leadership Management
  3. Business Leadership Consulting

More than 90% of leaders are employed at the first level of an organization, and are essentially "Work Leaders" because of their dual roles. They are both workers, doing the technical work of their unit and leaders who guide the success of their units' performance. The Work Leaders are often the core of an organization's leadership and they are responsible for the real work of an organization. We believe that the successful Work Leaders must be leaders first, managers second and technical workers third. The success of a work unit is dependent upon the Work Leader effectively leading the unit's associates.

At the other extreme in the organization, we focus on supporting senior executives and boards of directors in their responsibilities for organizational governance. We work with boards of directors to assure that they are all exercising their director and oversight responsibilities to the best interest of all the stakeholders, and acting in compliance with the letter and spirit of Sarbanes-Oxley. We work with senior executives to help them develop and organize their strategies and create organizational structures and policies which help them effectively lead all their associates to achieve peak performance.

Our organization is committed to Consulting - Training - Speaking - Research - Investing as the vehicles to help leaders and organizations achieve peak performance. We have a broad range of activities and tools which we use to help organizations and individuals achieve success. A few of these are books, newsletters, seminars, coaching, mentoring, journal articles, webinars, keynotes and a broad range of pro bono activities which provide us the opportunity to give back to the community. In addition, we have a commitment to continued research on leadership issues and are also frequently willing to make financial investments in start-ups and early stage ventures that we believe have an ability to achieve peak performance.