Welcome Meeting Planners and Speakers Bureaus!

I have great respect for the challenge and importance of your role in matching a client with a speaker. As much as I believe that my seminars and keynotes are great, I understand that they won't be right for all of your clients. It is just as important to me, and for my ability to "wow" an audience, that I match with the clients and their needs. Therefore, I welcome the opportunity to work with Meeting Planners and Speakers Bureaus, and to build a relationship that will serve us both long into the future.

To assist in the decision process, I have loaded my website with everything that I think you might need in presenting me to your clients. If you or they have a wish for something that I didn't think of, let me know and I will do my best to fulfill it! In addition to being flexible and adaptable to clients' varied needs, I am in constant communication with my associates and we will respond quickly to assist you in any way necessary. We truly enjoy what we do, and look forward to sharing it with you!

I encourage you to learn more about me through the topics listed under "For Meeting Planners and Speakers Bureaus".

I look forward to hearing from you!

Yours truly,

Gerry Czarnecki

Following are some of the industries in which we have professional experience and expertise:

Financial services - insurance, banking, etc
Trade associations
Non- profits
Educational institutions
Retail organizations
Membership owned organizations
Professional Services organizations
Chambers of Commerce, co-ops, trade associations, professional organizations

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Biography - Consultant, author and professional speaker, Gerald Czarnekci has a wealth of experience in leadership. Having managed organizations large and small in a wide variety of fields, he has first-hand knowledge of the challenges that face leaders at every level of an organization - click here for document.

Speech and Seminar Topics - Deltennium offers leadership development seminars and training for both public and private audiences. The success of You're in Charge.What Now? lead Gerry to create a series of seminars based on the core principles in the book. Other popular choices include "Lead with Love" and "Nature, Nurture, Choice & Chance". For every private engagement, we tailor our material to meet the goals and objectives of the organization and its employees. Click here for more information.

Our Service Commitment - We are committed to consulting, training, speaking, researching and investing as the tools to help leaders and organizations achieve peak performance. Click here for more information

Client Testimonials - The positive effect of leadership development programs is evident in our client testimonials. We are committed to quality and professionalism in every resource that we provide for our clients. Click here for more information.

Engagement Details - In order to capitalize on the benefits of our leadership development and training, we request that clients complete our pre-program questionnaire prior to speaking engagements. This enables us to tailor our presentation to your goals and objectives. We also ask that clients consider our guidelines for location set-up and other preferences. Click here for more information.

Calendar - As part of our commitment to serving all levels of leadership, we host seminars and workshops that are open to the public. Deltennium's events that are open to the public will be posted in our online calendar.
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