Example Seminars and Keynotes

Below are a few of the seminars and keynotes that we offer. In addition, in every instance where we are engaged to work with an organization, all training is tailored to the specific organizational strategies, culture and goals or learning outcomes desired by the leadership of the enterprise.

Although we have a core of material that we believe is essential to helping your associates become great leaders, we have no "canned" materials. All presentations and seminars are specifically designed to respond to client needs and expectations.

THE SEMINAR - You're in Charge...What Now?

This fast paced seminar will energize the audience with a combination of serious information and targeted humor.  The target audience is "Work Leaders" which is a term used to describe the first level of leadership in an organization.

The seminar is built around the mnemonic L.E.A.D.E.R.S ., which emphasizes the need for real people leadership for first level management.  The letters represent the Seven Essential Steps: Love, Expectations, Assignment, Development, Evaluation, Rewards, and Self.  These steps are really core fundamentals of what great leaders must do-- not merely conceptual statements about characteristics of leaders.

Gerry Czarnecki's book You're In Charge...What Now? is the basis of the semin ar.  Seminar participants will be offered copies of the book at a deeply discounted price.  The book may also be purchased at major booksellers such as or through our website.

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KEYNOTE - How To Get Fired By Doing A Great Job

This fast paced keynote will challenge the audience to look at their own job activities and evaluate how they might be doing everything that they think is the right thing and yet be on course to being terminated by the organization.  Our own perception of job performance is only one of a variety of factors that go into job security and success.

KEYNOTE - Lead With Love

This keynote is built around the first word in the mnemonic L.E.A.D.E.R.S.  It is designed to propose what at first glance appears to be a somewhat radical idea, but ultimately the audience realizes that it is probably the only rational way to view their staff.  The presentation will be highly energetic and fast moving, and laced with humorous and theatrical examples of Work Leader challenges to be "Lovers" as defined by the speech.

KEYNOTE - Nature, Nurture, Choice and Chance (N2C2)

This keynote is built around the acronym N2C2 as a way to help the audience remember the key components of success in life.  The audience learns that once we are born, our life is largely ours to control, but we need to make the right decisions and have the desire and will to achieve.  Each of the four factors are discussed with examples from real lives used to prove the point that we may not control our future, but we can shape it.