Dear Meeting Planner,

I am committed to making you look good. If you select me to speak at your event, my associates and I will do everything possible to ensure that your organization thanks and praises you for your choice! We value the time, energy, effort and money that is required from everyone involved in making a meeting a great success, and we work hard to achieve that success. When you look like a star, it means that we have succeeded in our goal.

We understand the process that you go through, from selection to follow-up, and will give you our attention and cooperation at every step along the way. We have already begun to make your job easier, by including everything we think you might need on our website. Videos, bios, photos, testimonials, fees, engagement details-its all here and available for you to copy or download. If you need something that we didn't anticipate, let us know and we'll do our best to provide it for you. Even if you got this assignment at the last minute, don't panic. We respond quickly, and are flexible in adapting to meet your needs.

In working with us, you will find that my associates and I are professional, yet approachable. We are also reachable! (We are huge fans of the fabulous advances in modern technology and take full advantage of the tools that make communication a breeze.) My associates and I are a team, and you will have the benefit of team support and assistance. Finally, you'll have fun. Sure it's work, but if it wasn't fun we'd do something else.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Yours truly,


Gerry Czarnecki

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