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Books - Gerry Czarnecki's popular book You're in Charge...What Now? is just one of the books that we want to provide for those of you looking for leadership guidance. It is our aim to build a library of material that covers a variety of leadership topics, from the roles and functions of leadership today to leadership behavior theory. Perhaps you are looking for a book that provides examples of leadership styles or the leadership style of entrepreneurs. There are hundreds of books devoted to the multiple facets of leadership. We will review books in the marketplace, identify those that we consider to be high-quality and appropriate for our readers, and make those titles available for your consideration. Click here for more

Audio - Uncover your potential in leadership with the convenient aid of a leadership development program recorded on compact disc. Audio programs provide the convenience of learning on-the-go, especially during the wasted hours that many of us spend commuting to and from the workplace. Click here for more

Video - Many leadership development programs and seminars are now offered on video. Perhaps you would like to attend one of Deltennium's public seminars or workshops, but the dates don't fit in your schedule; or you would like for your entire team to experience one of Gerry's training programs. Our goal of being accessible to as many leaders as possible means that we will be offering more and more options in the convenient and low-cost video format. Click here for more

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Shopping Cart - Deltennium's books, audio and video products and Mem-Cards are available for purchase through our secure online shopping cart. We also offer wonderful products that have been produced by our friends and affiliates. Click here for more

Newsletter - The Work Leaders online newsletter is extremely popular with leaders at every level, as it deals with real-life issues from the workplace. It is an ideal resource for those who are looking for practical tips and strategies on becoming a successful leader, or for those who simply want to stay informed about the roles and functions of leadership today. Deltennium plans to publish additional newsletters that will address specific areas of our consulting practice, such as boards of directors and corporate governance. Click here for more

Leaders Club - Choose from five levels of access into our Leaders Club, where the members enjoy special benefits and privileges including significant discounts on our leadership and professional development seminars and products; access to the Leaders Club discussion boards for leadership training development; coaching via email and telephone; personal executive mentoring; invitations to our annual Leaders Club Conference and more! Click here for more

Articles - Our commitment to educating and training leaders includes writing leadership articles for local and national publications, as well as our monthly newsletter. As with every Deltennium resource, the goal is to cover a wide range of issues with expert advice and practical solutions that will help our readers. Among our published material: articles on steps in leadership development; articles about corporate governance and evaluation; and articles on solution-focused coaching. Many experts outside of our organization have written interesting articles such as "coaching with body language", "develop team leadership skills" and "permissive leadership" that we will make available through links to other article archives. Click here for more

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