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It is clear that the title, or even the sophistication of the work, is not what makes you a Work Leader rather than a general manager. It is that you are directly responsible for a work unit made up of people who individually perform tasks that get results for an organization. You are not a leader of leaders, you are a leader of people doing the mission-essential work. If that is what your day looks like, this Newsletter will be your guide to creating peak performance in your unit.

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You may also be familiar with the fact that we have one straightforward message: being a great Work Leader is a simple as the word LEADERS! Indeed, we use that word as a mnemonic that can help you remember the seven essential steps to success. The job of the Work Leader is simple, but not easy. When you remember the simple mnemonic and learn the core steps represented by the seven letters in the word LEADERS, you will know how to lead your unit successfully. All you will need to do is make certain that your leadership practices follow those key steps, and that you maintain the discipline to both believe in and act on those principles. That is why we say it is simple, yet not easy.

It is the goal of this publication to provide you with practical tips and real-world advice that will help you to become a better Work Leader. The Work Leader Newsletter will also serve as your forum for connecting with others who day-in-and-day-out do the same things you do.

The Work Leaders Newsletter will be delivered to the e-mail address of your choice every week and will have the same general structure each time. It is intended to be a simple read, but one that you can apply to your daily job, immediately. The four sections of the Newsletter are:

SECTION I - A Brief article on a topic that we believe will have immediate applicability to your workplace. We start out with the first in the series of articles focusing on a brief topic that is drawn from the seven core principles we have outlined in our first book, You're In Charge...What Now? After you have completed the initial series, you then will begin to receive the current newsletter which will reflect a discussion of a topic that has either been suggested to us by you the readers, or on a topic that we think is particularly relevant at that moment in time.

SECTION II - This section will be a mini-case study that is designed often to provide an added insight on the topic discussion in Section I, or it could be a particular problem that has been recently encountered by us in either our own jobs as leaders, or by one of our client companies or individuals. We will lay out the core elements of the case, and then provide a brief discussion of our thoughts on the issue and potential courses of action.

SECTION III - This is a section where we try to give you some simple Work Leader Tips for either being better or getting better at your key role. Our book, You're In Charge...What Now? has many of these types of Work Leader Tips throughout and we have been told that most readers enjoyed very much the practical ideas we have gained over the years. These Tips are always being added to so we want to share them with you as we discover them.

SECTION IV - This is the " Ask Gerry " section and it is your time to get some direct advice about your current leadership challenges. We encourage our readers to send us questions and we work hard to hide the details so you are not identified, but this is for you the reader. It is much easier for us to give advice when we have facts, rather than talk about a situation in the abstract. Over time, we expect that every reader will take advantage of this ability to get ideas.

Our jobs as leaders can not be boiled down to seven words. We must embrace the key principles and then learn how to behave in ways that reflect our commitment to those principles. Just as life is not always simple, so is the practice of the seven principles not always easy. You need to learn how to apply these principles to your work, and to the core activities that will enable you to truly be a great Work Leader. We hope that the Work Leader Newsletter will be a source of motivation and knowledge that will help you to succeed in your role as a Work Leader!

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