We at Deltennium are heavily focused on providing the highest quality and value in our corporate governance consulting practice. As you are aware, the practice of corporate governance has changed dramatically in the last several years. The recent corporate scandals have put a very bright spotlight on boards of directors, their composition and their governance processes. A broad range of constituents, from investors to consumers, have been barraged by the constant flow of bad news from Corporate America.

Since all of these problems occurred under the "watch" of many apparently competent board members, the entire community involved in governance has been forced to rethink virtually everything it has done in the past. Gerry Czarnecki has been extremely active in helping boards and board members to achieve a balance between compliance and effective leadership and governance.

For the last several years, Gerry has been working with boards of directors in a variety of capacities. He is himself an active board member of several boards and has hands on experience in a broad range of industries and board organizational responsibilities. He is currently the non-executive Chair of a Board; Chair of two Audit Committees, Chair of two Executive Compensation Committees and sits on public and private corporate boards as well as two large not-for-profit boards.

In addition to his board membership, Gerry has been conducting seminars and board consultations for a broad range of companies from "start ups" to Fortune 50 companies. His experiences in these settings have endowed him with a broad base knowledge of how boards of directors are dealing with the changes in the rules.

Some of the areas where you can look to Gerry for substantive and highly experienced support are:

  • Director Professionalism
  • The Board's Role in Corporate Strategy
  • Risk Management and Director Oversight
  • Audit Committee Governance Leadership
  • Compensation Committee Practices
  • Basic Finance for Directors: A Primer

If you have a desire to have an in-Board room orientation, an executive briefing for your top management team, or a full consultancy to help your board of directors accomplish specific objectives in governance, please contact us for more information.

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