Audit Committee Consulting

In an era of accounting fraud, audit failure, and manipulation of earnings, reassessment of previously reported financial statements to the SEC has grown dramatically in the past several years. The outcome of these events has resulted in very low public confidence in financial reporting, and the stock market is only one area in which this lapse of integrity has manifested itself.

Each listed public company must have an audit committee that meets the requirements of both Sarbanes-Oxley and the exchange on which the company's stock is listed. Audit committees of a firm's board of directors are legally responsible for overseeing the financial reporting process. This is crucial as board members can be at personal financial risk if the legally defined procedures are not followed.

Utilizing decades of experience, Deltennium will highlight your company's commitment and adherence to proper audit guidelines, and monitor the integrity of your company’s financial statements, financial reporting process, and systems of internal controls regarding financing and accounting. We accomplish these guidelines by advising company audit committee members of their responsibilities, and assisting the audit committee with overseeing the independent auditors. We will provide protection by monitoring any possible litigation and financial risk exposure as well.

In addition, Deltennium assists board members in performing their fiduciary roles by reinforcing the audit committee’s probity regarding compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. Using qualified, independent consultants to oversee the audit committee structure and process, and retaining self-reliant professionals to approach these issues, establishes a board's commitment to meeting necessary obligations.

This process also involves drafting the report that SEC rules require be included in the company’s annual proxy statement, thereby assuring the highest standards of integrity are met by providing a viable means of communication among the independent public accountants, management, and the Board of Directors.

Deltennium Chairman Gerry Czarnecki as well as all of the Audit Commitee consultants with whom we work are certified by International Shareholders Services, the leading Board Governance solutions provider and advocacy organization in the country.

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